Aviation Media LLC collected thousands of original pieces of media related to Alexander Kartveli's life and achievements. Over several years, the team worked with the country of Georgia's military departments, the US State Department, the US Air and Space Museum, the US Air Force and the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Mighty's challenge was to tell a story about one of the least known but most important aviation innovators in history - and also make Aviation Media the "owner" of Kartveli like a brand through earned media, community building and content curation.    

The content naturally appeals to a small segment of military aviation enthusiasts; yet the story about Kartveli's life parallels the inspiring events and personal stories of other more famous figures in history.  From a historical perspective,  Aviation Media's awareness effort to highlight Kartveli's values and achievements will promote a multi-generational dialogue and examination of Kartveli's contributions to the cultural and political milieu of his time.

Conclusions from Mighty's keyword and content trend analysis led to a counter-intuitive segment and target demo plan:  cultivate a young demographic with interests in technology, innovation and space exploration.  Use of video and photos supported a fresh, energetic narrative highlighting Kartveli's design genius and passion for innovation despite risk of personal and financial failure - values shared by geeky tech startups today. In contrast, Kartveli's war-veteran contemporaries are dwindling in number and are largely offline.

A sponsorship program, a series of high profile events and a local Georgian school-education awareness campaign link these inspiring themes to a community of digital and real-world followers who are passionate about the many facets of Kartveli's story.  On key takeaway is that great historical figures go through re-invention yet remain as relevant today as in prior generations.

Here's a video Mighty put together: