Blockchain technology is moving fast, impacting businesses and capital raising faster than any other force since the Internet emerged in the 1990s. Learn how existing businesses, law firms and startups are capitalizing on the new and powerful ways to expand customers and raise funds, often at the same time.

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Blockchain technology

Find out what blockchain is, what it looks like in practice and how the technology is changing as projects find new ways to apply immutable, distributed ledger technology to solve more problems. What is the difference between the application layer and the protocol layer? What is a consensus mechanism?

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Bitcoin & crypto assets

There are important differences between Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, and the more advanced coins that employ smart contracts in the blockchain architecture. Where are these coins/tokens traded? I will walk you through several case studies that illustrate how tokenization will become a huge force.

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Capital Raising

What is an ICO (initial coin offering)? What is the difference between a utility token and an security token? Find out about best practices relative to U.S. securities regulations. What steps are involved: incentive structures, token distribution, token economics, governance, crowdsourcing and more.