Several years ago, I started a blog to get some of my ideas out in the wild and also to engage with people who might share an affinity for my sometimes unusual way of thinking. It was a rewarding experience that taught me a few important lessons about the difference between the quantity and quality of content.

In addition to the highly visible satisfaction of having my ideas published by a Forbes editor in several high-traffic articles (and in his new book), my favorite blog post was an investment idea about a little-known company in a backwater part of the biotechnology sector.

In a previous career, I researched individual stocks and managed portfolios that concentrated positions in a handful of risky but potentially rewarding companies. I developed a keen sense of conviction and an ability to quickly summarize the key investment thesis that was likely to play out for a particular company.   I loved this work and never lost my passion for finding the gems hidden among all the junk.  

When I came across Intrexon, a leader in the fledgling synthetic biology sector, it reawakened the thrill that comes along with uncovering a potential diamond in the rough.  I invested in 2013 and decided to write about my analysis for this promising company shortly thereafter.  My idea (characteristically) was a long shot because the company was small and undiscovered.  But I had a big idea about its potential value - and, I learned, that big idea also had unique value in Internet search because of its authenticity.  Literally, no one on the Internet thought the way I did about Intrexon at that time.  I decided to write one post summarizing my ideas about the company instead of writing a number of posts.

Today, I have been rewarded with fantastic investment returns (so far unrealized) and also a huge win in terms of my SEO and visibility goals in Google search. As you can see from the Google search engine results page (SERP) below, my blog post ranks number one for the term "intrexon investment" on page one out of 51,800 matches for that search term. 

Intrexon's stock has literally exploded since the time I published my blog post, and the company has received a lot of media coverage along the way.  Despite all the attention - especially from investment bank research departments as analysts discovered the company - my blog post has maintained superior SERP results. After my #1 rank, the next four ranking pages refer to Intrexon's own website (Google's search engine ranks pages by relevance, not websites).  Priceless!

What I learned in this experiment is that creating high quality, relevant content can be invaluable to gaining visibility.   And, perhaps equally as important, the more authentic the content, the better.