"The story behind Monster’s high octane success was highlighted last month in a provocative piece by Simons Chase where he compared beverage “innovations” to financial “innovations” like derivatives."  

Forbes.com - "Sugar Linked To $1 Trillion In U.S. Healthcare Spending" by Dan Munroe October 27, 2013

Lots of speculation lately about the acquisition roadmap ahead for Google – including 5 pretty good reasons why they might buy Jawbone by Simons Chase (from May here).  Simons' summary version is this:

1.  Jawbone’s recent acquisitions (including BodyMedia for more than $100M) make it the largest company in the wearable+fitness+health space with 300 patents, tech talent accumulated through acquisition and years of experience with designing and selling wearables.
2.  The opportunity in fitness and monitoring is large and fast growing – but there is a bigger opportunity to impact global health in the long term. (cites Credit Suisse report –with coverage here)
3.  Kleiner is motivated for a big exit in a trendy space.
4.  Jawbone could enhance Google’s mobile and cloud strategy.
5.  Google’s philosophy is to organize the world’s data and do no harm.


Forbes.com - "Why Google Should Buy Warby Parker - Before Jawbone" by Dan Munroe July 26, 2013


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